Carmen Q’s Bio

Carmen Q. studied Fashion Design and Illustration at The School of Visual Arts and at Parsons School of Design, both located in New York City.

Now retired in Portugal, she is able to pursue her passion for portraitures of Indigenous peoples. She has studied and painted Indigenous peoples from North America, South America and the Arctic. Her earlier work, inspired by North American and Arctic region subjects are based off of sepia photographs, documenting various tribes from the 19th Century. Her South American subjects are contemporary and based off of photographs taken in the 21st Century. Recently, she has narrowed her focus and begun studying and painting the Indigenous peoples living in the Central Andes region of Ecuador, specifically the Quechua Indians. The Quechua are direct descendants of the Inca.

Carmen Q. has a fascination with Indigenous peoples and wishes, through her artwork, to keep their histories alive and to make their stories known.